We are so excited to meet you at the Cannes Lions on the RTL Beach to celebrate creativity!

The RTL Beach by RTL AdConnect and our partners smartclip, G+J i|MS, Amobee, Yospace and TechAlliance, will certainly become your hub of creative content during this week.


RTL Beach opening

Stéphane Coruble, CEO, RTL AdConnect
Oliver Vesper, co-CEO, smartclip

The state of the media landscape

Brian Wieser, Global President, Business Intelligence, GroupM
Moderated by Daniel Bischoff, CMOO, RTL AdConnect

Is CTV the Savior for Legacy Media Companies?

Joanna O' Connell, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester
Stephen Byrne, Managing Director Nordics, AdTech & Platform Partnerships, smartclip
Moderated by Pam Zucker, SVP, Head of Marketing, Amobee

Where are we at with cross-media measurement?

Guillaume Belmas, CEO & co-Founder, Realytics
Radha Subramanyam, Chief Research and Analytics Officer at CBS Corp. and President of CBS Vision
Moderated by Jean-Baptiste Moggio, Marketing Director, RTL AdConnect

You can't do it alone!
A new partnership for Europe

Volker Helm, Head of Amobee EMEA
Pieter van den Bergh, Executive Director Europe | Demand, smartclip
Moderated by Jack Bamberger, Chief Commercial Officer, Amobee

Answering uncertainty with industry alliances

Stéphane Coruble, CEO, RTL AdConnect
KC Sullivan, President & Managing Director, Global Advertising & Partnerships, NBCUniversal
Oliver Vesper, co-CEO, smartclip
Moderated by Jane Austin Founder, Persuasion Communications 

The Power of Alliances

Dan Callahan, SVP Data Strategy & Sales Innovation, Fox
Halvard Kristiansen, Managing Director Nordics, Demand & Advertising Partnerships, smartclip
Travis Hockersmith, VP Platform+ Vizio
Moderated by Tim Spengler, GM, Advanced TV Solutions, Amobee

The new life of the living room:
Global trends from Europe and the US

Shira Leffel, Executive Director Europe Marketing & Product Education, smartclip
Daniel Bischoff, CMOO, RTL AdConnect
Cammy Cronin, Senior VP Global Ad Sales Strategy, NBCUniversal
Sebastian Busse, Director Addressable TV International, smartclip

Three become one: behind the scenes at an industry merger

Stéphane Coruble, CEO, RTL AdConnect
Oliver Vesper, co-CEO, smartclip
Stefanie Meierfrankenfeld, Managing Director, G+J Ims
Ton Rozestraten, CEO Ad Alliance

Creative masterclass

Katrina Dodd, Creative Strategist, Contagious
Alex Jenkins, Creative Strategist, Contagious

Bringing creativity to advertising through powerful brand partnerships

Stéphane Coruble, CEO, RTL AdConnect
Andrew Demaria, Vice President and Executive Creative Director, NBCUniversal
Samantha Glynne, SVP Branded Entertainment, Fremantle
Robert Dreblow, Global Head of Marketing Services, WFA

The value of connection

Karen Nelson-Field, CEO, Amplified Intelligence
Moderated by Daniel Bischoff, CMOO, RTL AdConnect

Why it should matter to a purpose brand where they advertise
Claire Blunt - Chief Advertising Officer & CEO International of Guardian Media Group
Moderated by Jane Austin, Founder, Persuasion Communications


Tourism in the Post-Covid World - and how media can help in the process

Fabio Cannavale, CEO, LastMinute.com
Antoine Dubois, SVP Southern Europe Marketing & guest Experience, Accor
Patricia Siborro, Director of Digital and Branded Operations, Fremantle Spain
Moderated by Jane Austin Founder, Persuasion Communications

Values-Based Planning and Buying

Jim Stengel, Former Global Marketing Officer, P&G & Host of The CMO Podcast
Traci Alford, President and CEO of Effie Worldwide
Adam Gerhart, Global CEO, Mindshare (WPP/GroupM)
Moderated by Jack Bamberger, Chief Commercial Officer, Amobee

An agent for change? How agencies are balancing the new reality of media consumption, competition and client needs
Jammie Ogle, Global Media Lead, TeamX (Omnicom)
Moderated by Daniel Bischoff, CMOO, RTL AdConnect

Driving positive change through responsible marketing

Peter Blacker, Head of DEI, NBCUniversal
Christophe Pradère, CEO, BETC Design
Isabel Kurata, co-Founder, ACT Responsible
Walter Geer, Chief Experience Design Officer at VMLY&R
Moderated by Jane Austin Founder, Persuasion Communications

The Role Brands Should Play to Save the World

Brent Poer, Global Client Lead, Publicis Imagine
Moderated by Pam Zucker, SVP, Head of Marketing, Amobee

Responsible tech and climate neutral advertising

Halvard Kristiansen, Managing Director Nordics, Demand & Advertising Partnerships, smartclip
Guillaume Belmas, CEO & co-Founder, Realytics
Arthur Millet, Managing Director, iab France

Inclusive advertising that reaches everyone

Henry Warren, co-Founder, Turn On The Subtitles
Fabrice Mollier, CEO, Canal Plus Brand Solutions
Taide Guajardo - Chief Brand Officer Europe – P&G
Moderated by Katty Roberfroid, Director General, Egta
Nicky Buss, Global Planning Director, Wunderman Thompson

RTL Beach Night

Join us on Tuesday, 21st of June for an unforgettable night of celebrations with our musical guests!

7pm: Sunset Drinks + DJ Set with Get a room!
9:30pm: Exclusive Concert with L’Impératrice
11pm: DJ Set with MYD

Creative Partnership

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